Sell Your Message To Your Own Employees

Most experienced strategic leaders I speak to get it:

Influencing your employees has a lot in common with influencing your customers.

Marketing works, whether it’s aimed inside your organisation or outside it.

Sure, a company-wide email might not look the same as an email autoresponder campaign…

But the principles are no different.

Persuading someone to buy a product and to buy into an idea are the same.

Like I say, most leaders get this notion. They might not know how to market their ideas, but they do know it matters.

Here’s a basic bit of marketing advice for you:

When I started experimenting with digital marketing, I quickly spotted a common mistake people were making:

They weren’t communicating enough.

Their messages came through far, far too infrequently.

My guess? They were worried about spamming people. Which, okay, I get that. It’s possible to overdo a message. Not long ago, I unsubscribed from an email list that was sending me too much junk.

But that’s the point: it was junk.

I’m on lists that send me multiple emails a day, and I love it. Why? Because the content is right for me. The writer of these emails knows what his readers enjoy and need, so he gives it to us.

This other email, the one I unsubscribed from?

It was sending 98% irrelevant junk, 2% interesting content.

Had those numbers been reversed, I would have stuck around.

No one really cares about the quantity of messages. One bad email a week seems like a lot, while one great email a day seems far too rare.

And in this example are the two most common communication mistakes I see:

Not communicating enough, and

Not thinking about the recipient.

How often do you receive emails, phone calls, elevator pitches or smoke signals that talk all about them, not about you?

Probably pretty often.

These are the pitches going on and on about how their company is great and has all this experience and has all these clients and…

There are a lot of pithy quotes from marketing geniuses about this.

“People don’t buy a drill, they buy the hole in the wall.”

“Stop talking about your weed killer and start talking about my crab grass!”

I could go on.

When thinking about organisational change, think about your employees. What do they care about? What are their concerns and fears?

Don’t talk about your change initiative. Talk about their future.

Make it clear how they’ll benefit. Not the organisation, not you – them, as people and as employees.

I’m not saying you can never bring up the bigger picture. But the core of your communications strategy should be what’s in it for them.

Don’t cover that and your people will check out.

Include that in every message, though?

People will hang off your every word.

The best way to enhance your organisation is with the ultimate advantage: trust.

But how do you measure something like that, let alone improve it?

Especially if your workforce is stretched thin, cynical and burned out on change?

There are simple, effective and proven strategies you can begin implementing today. I know you can unlock the creativity, productivity and joy of your employees.